What Is An Automatic Temperature Control Valve

- Nov 28, 2019-

First, let's look at the specific composition of the automatic temperature adjustment hair. The automatic temperature regulating valve is composed of a valve body, a valve seat, a valve core, a valve cover, a temperature sensing bag and a fixed-point pressure adjustment. This automatic temperature control valve room and the temperature control device with measurement execution and control functions are integrated. When selecting, you can choose different types of temperature regulating valves according to the conditions.

Second, we need to know the specific installation positions of automatic temperature control valves. Automatic temperature control valve is commonly installed in the water supply pipe of the heating manifold in our home. The installation position is at the front of the water manifold. In addition, some families also have automatic temperature control valves installed on the radiators at home. However, the automatic temperature regulating valve is an electric actuator and requires wiring, otherwise it will not be able to play a corresponding role.